FUTURE BANGLADESH is a self-sustaining program of Uttaran Foundation. It combines a business & a development model that takes a knowledge-based approach to develop citizens, transforming them from burden to human resource. Future Bangladesh is working towards holistic, resilient & sustainable solutions through innovation, information & technology driven models for resolving all individual & national challenges to facilitate Bangladesh to transform into a fully developed nation.

Our Visions

A dependable young generation devoid of self- centeredness, disorientation & charged with ideals, concentration & proactivity

A truly developed nation that leads & contributes to the world, gives innovative solutions to all the emerging global problems

Revived citizens who are empathetic & devoted to the nation & have the capability of self-improvement to adapt to the future

An IT driven, innovative system that takes knowledge-based approach for resilient & sustainable solutions to all national problems

Urban & rural development with modern facilities & civil services without demolishing the natural environment & community essence

Holistic wellness & quality life for all in an inclusive environment and transformation of population from burden to human resource

Our Missions

Providing work-based training to the unemployed youth to ensure better livelihood

Providing a spiritual & life-skill based education to all to create self-actualized citizens

Researching & developing an information hub to provide knowledge-based solutions

Building a modern HR development system for meeting the future manpower need

Building a sustainable & IT driven Industrial environment to ensure resource efficiency

Creating an ecosystem in a business cluster that facilitates community-based models

Transforming healthcare system through smart solutions, & preventive approach

Providing safe & organic food to everyone through digital systems & eco-agriculture

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About Uttaran Foundation

Uttaran Foundation gives focus to the underprivileged people and marginalized communities of Bangladesh because they are often socially ignored, politically excluded, economically deprived, therefore get a lesser scope to improve their lives, resulting in extreme poverty & criminality that makes our nation more vulnerable. So far, Uttaran Foundation has mainly worked & created a strong impact on the life of marginal & vulnerable communities. However, Uttaran has the mission of working for & with all the marginal, vulnerable, excluded & underprivileged communities & classes in Bangladesh. Uttaran is planning on reaching out to those other groups & communities & start to create an impact at the earliest possible time.

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Meet Our Leaders

Syed Mirshad Ali

Founder & Director

Abm Asif Kibria


Syed Tanzim Hasan

Senior Coordinator

Abu Bakar Siddiki

Campaign Coordinator

Nazmul Hossain

Assistant Coordinator

Kazi Rofequl Islam


Al Amin Khandoker

Assistant Campaign Coordinator

Abdullah AL-Alif

Head of IT & Branding Dept

Iqbal Hasan

HR & Administration

M. Rahman Shakir

Creative Director

Ratul Biswas

3D Artist

Zakir Hossain

Web Design & Developer