Eco Agricultural Research

Future Bangladesh is to support the landscape leaders with research, knowledge, information, tools, training, facilitation and connections to manage land and resources holistically. We believe in finding ways to work with nature when raising crops and livestock by focusing on things like biodiversity, soil health, ecological pest management, and water conservation.

We’ll conduct a study of rotational grazing, locally adapted breeds, resistant varieties and lower our usages of tillage and chemical inputs as much as possible. We are hopeful for the future by actively encouraging our next generation in farming and engaging them with communities to meet the demand for local foods and better ensure that all people can access healthy food.

The eco-efficiency of agriculture will reduce hunger and poverty, and improve human nutrition in the tropics through eco-agricultural research. Future Bangladesh would also coordinate with policymakers, scientists, and farmers to respond to some of the most pressing challenges of our time, including food insecurity and malnutrition, climate change, and environmental degradation. Together we could build awareness, knowledge and skills of professionals in eco-agricultural practices. Support our experts in research activities and protect land, nature & human life. Their survival is in our hands.

Food Bank

The whole world is witnessing a catastrophic outbreak of a massive pandemic situation. This unprecedented event is giving birth to many complex economic, social, political, cultural challenges. Now it is being frequently said that after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to face a different world reality. Many multidimensional challenges are already on the rise, but the most drastic one will be the upcoming economic depression. Already the financial backbone of lower-income people has been broken. Small and medium business entrepreneurship are falling apart. Nobody can say for sure where the situation is leading us!

We are constantly planning and analyzing the situation to come up with some efficient solutions for upcoming challenges. ‘Food Bank’ is such a plan to solve the upcoming possible food scarcity problem. With this program, we are planning to efficiently provide food to those who will be in most need.

Reaching the neediest one, reaching them in the shortest possible time, assessing the amount of support, following up their situation afterwards, has always been some of the big challenges to this effort. Here Food Bank comes up with a cumulative solution. It will connect & bring together all the donors with noble intentions, integrate all the funds, create a database of needy people through a digital registration method, give a platform to all the volunteers, and ensure the most efficient distribution of the donation through a digital monitoring system. The program will work like a bridge linking the good-hearted people and the people in dire need.

Home for All

The homelessness problem is becoming acute in Bangladesh. The underlying causes are diversified. Two main causes are poverty & natural disaster. The making cost of a decent house is increasing as the material costs are ever-increasing. A standard house is out of the reach of most people in the country. For the same reason, the house rent is continuously increasing. Especially in the urban areas where the need for a shelter is high, the rent is also high. In cities, many people are living in the slum areas around the country- which is actually ‘unlivable’! Flood, landslide, cyclone, water surge is very much common here. 53 floods and 70 storms took place in Bangladesh between 1990 and 2018. Many people lose their homes during these natural events.

Per household spends more than 6600 takas on climate-related disaster management each year. As our current structural technology is backdated & costly- it takes a huge time to rebuild an affected area. Future Bangladesh is working for optimal solutions for this national problem. Our priority is to make the house affordable, durable, resilient & eco-friendly. Primarily, we are planning to build durable & resilient house with local & natural materials. It will make our construction eco-friendly & cheap. Besides, we are planning to collect next-generation structural machinery & new technologies like 3D printed houses.

This sort of technology will revolutionize our construction industry. This will make our future house construction cheap, quick, durable, eco-friendly, resilient & aesthetically astounding as well. Also, we are working on the ‘Self-sufficient House’ plan. Here we are trying to integrate our knowledge on permaculture (food sufficiency) & alternative energy (energy sufficiency) to make the ‘Self-sustained Home’ dream a reality.

Preventive Healthcare

Our health services have traditionally been medication dominated and have focused on individual’s curative and treatment needs. This is not a holistic approach to have a healthy life. Rather maintaining healthy lifestyle habits is only part of preventing illness. What if there was a project promoting preventive health factors?

It’d work for plastic-free consumption, lifestyle modification, food & nutrition counselling, telemedicine support etc. It’ll contribute to research, planning & further funding for sustaining the project. The project is aimed to educate our people knowing the health facts, establishing mobile hospitals & arranging preventive healthcare campaigns throughout the country.

Are you interested in the idea of a healthier population? Do you have the willpower to work with us to lower the risks of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, road crashes, COVID-19 and other threats to our health? Learn about the kinds of work ‘Future Bangladesh’ could do and donate it to enable people to enjoy a better quality of life.